Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New inspiration

Today I realized it's been six months since I quit my job and started this escapade to just take it easy and explore other jobs.  And also my wake-up call that I might just hang out here forever if I don't get my act together!  It was a call to action!  A call to get off my puff and start being serious about getting things done and making moves toward something, anything.  I have a lot of interests, and none of which I have really explored or dug into or given more than a second's chance.  So it's time I actually try.

So I immediately thought of #makesomethingeveryday.  Because why not go from a struggling creative to a forced one?  Why not go from a I-can't-do-much to a ok-I'll-try-that?

I won't have a lot of rules here but my first is for YOU.  I said I don't already know how to do a lot of things.  So that means I'm not going to be good at a lot of things. Except muffins.  I can make muffins. That means I'm either just not going to post them at all, or they are going to suck.  You won't tell me that.  I mean, because I will already know, or have a strong suspicion.  If you tell me I suck, you suck.

I don't know what my rules for me are.  I just have questions.  Does it count if I'm not done?  Like can working on the same thing multiple nights count as making something everyday?  Can a blog post be making something??  Do I need to post it for it count?  (I'm going to say no because I already know some things are just going to be so bad.)

When I searched to see if someone else was #makingsomethingeveryday, of course I found someone.   Not, because they haven't been active in two and a half years.  Strangely predictive.  But instead I found Stef Lefanowski who seems like the real deal (  He has been making something every day for fifteen years.  This is a combination of inspiring and boring and intimidating.  Is it going to take that long to be fulfilled?  I was hoping I could be done by January.

Anyways, today I made a succulent fish two years in the dreaming.  Which I promptly re-broke the tail off of.

In case you're interested, Stef has a book coming out next year...Make Something 365...and Get Unstuck  I may need to check that out when I lose steam here..